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There are scammers who pretend to be me and try to get you to download software (a virus).
Please do not fall for it, my only discord id is Gax#4343.
I will never ask you to download anything, the cheat works in the browser for your safety, so there is nothing to download.
Don't download any free alternatives, as most likely they won't work and will also contain viruses.


ههههه i like the op mode but i think it is too op. it reduced my input lag and made playing much easier with fast response, i also like the anti-ban feature becus i like to troll and they always ban me so its now easy and fast to rejoin back to the room
Ramses XII.
best player in ohio
Honestly, I don't like cheating since I play in leagues, but I love using it with friends and in public rooms, especially when you are a beginner. It is definitely easier to get better using these cheats since you will feel less slow and heavy.
league player
In my opinion, the best thing about this cheat is that it gives you real privacy. Nowadays, every bot room could get your IP, track your location, and see your previous nicks. With this cheat, they won't be able to find out your IP when using anti-ban, you can change your auth token too with a click of a button, making you 100% undetectable, and it even bypasses VPN detection.
(prefers to remain anonymous)
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OP Mode

When you're using this mode, you'll appear more shaky (as if you were using a lot of extrapolation).
It is very easy to fake X, you'll have less input lag, and you can use less extrapolation than you normally would.

Chat Bubble

This cheat comes in three different modes: open, close, and blink.
During gameplay and movement, you will be able to open the chat bubble.
You will also no longer experience the delay you experience when closing chat bubble and returning to play.

Fake Ping

It comes in two different modes: static and dynamic.
The ping can be set to any value you like in both modes, even to a negative one.
You can change the ping to a static number that you choose by clicking the first option.
You can choose the second option to change your ping to a random number between two numbers you choose, creating a more realistic ping.

Anti-Ban and Anti-VPN

It will be possible for you to rejoin the room after getting banned.
We provide proxying of all requests through high quality residentiel IPs for the purpose of bypassing bans and anti-vpn systems; you can select the location of your connection. Due to the fact that we use a paid high quality proxy rotation service, there is a limit of 25 anti-ban rejoins per day.

More Features

Unlimited extrapolation

Custom player color in each team

Change player indicator distance

Change Auth key

Search room by title/country

Record/Rejoin/Leave/ToggleChat key shortcuts

Import/Export settings



$32 per month
$49 per year
$35 per quarter


What are the payment options?

Crypto is the only payment method we accept.
PayPal and other methods of payment expose the purchaser's personal information to the seller.
In addition, Discord is used for authentication of the app and no emails are collected during registration to protect buyer's privacy.

Is there a refund policy?

Unless otherwise stated, all purchases are final and non-refundable.

Can haxball block this website?

The only way to "block" this website is to update the game, which hasn't happened for quite some time,
thus making all custom haxball clients, such as haxapp, unusable.
The service may be temporarily unavailable while we adapt the code to the new version in this case.
Furthermore, we cannot promise that all options will work after such an update, please consider that before ordering.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Just as you use your credit card to buy things online through a reputable website such as PayPal,
Bitcoin can be purchased using a credit card via a website such as Coinbase.
Buying bitcoin without a credit card in your local area is an option for underage people or people who don't have a credit card.
Simply create a bitcoin wallet and search for people in your area who sell bitcoin for cash.

More features?

The feature list will be updated at least once a month as we plan to add more features,
As long as you have an active subscription, you will get access to all the new features.
The following are some of the features we are planning to add:
Five last seconds to gif,
Rooms without extrapolation,
Host options (options available when creating a room) include viewing players' IP addresses in your room, blocking vpn players, commands, super admin functions, and stats.

Contact on Discord: Gax#4343